Church Rock telebriefing recording now available

Written on March 18, 2016

Yesterday, we held the first event of the #NuclearIsDirty campaign, a telebriefing with three experts from New Mexico about the little-known 1979 uranium mining disaster at Church Rock, New Mexico. Little-known largely because the people most affected were Native Americans, with little ability--especially in that era--to get a message out to the American people.

The accident has often been described as America's Worst Nuclear Disaster--which has turned out to be particularly apt, especially in terms of long-term consequences.

The accident may be the worst uranium mining disaster in U.S. history, but it's far from the only case of environmental devastation caused by such mining. And, just as nuclear reactors and other facilities routinely release toxic radiation to our air and water, so does routine operation of uranium mines result in brown lung and other disease.

From the beginning of the nuclear fuel chain--which starts with the extraction of the basic fuel source, uranium--to its radioactive wasteland end, #NuclearIsDirty.

You can download and listen (mp3 file) to the full telebriefing here.

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