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By all rights, nuclear power is on its way out. And that is thanks to the actions of thousands of activists like you, all across the country. This year's fifth anniversary of the ongoing Fukushima Dai-Ichi disaster was the warning -- and the #NuclearIsDIrty! campaign is the answer!

The only way to guarantee another such disaster never happens again is simple: we need to get rid of nuclear power, and stop making radioactive waste.

But powerful nuclear corporations are not willing to accept that fate. They are waging a war against renewable energy, in a last-ditch effort to block solar and wind and steal every last penny that could be invested in a clean energy future.

We've won a lot of battles to stop them, but we're in danger of losing the war. Nuclear corporations know a basic truth of public relations: repeat a lie often enough and long enough, and people will start to believe it. And the lie they are telling over and over and over again is ... Nuclear Energy Is Clean.

That is why we launched this new campaign: #NuclearIsDirty.

And we need your help to get it off the ground. To take on the nuclear industry's high-priced public relations firms, we are starting a #NuclearIsDirty crowdfunding campaign. And to encourage all NIRS supporters to put our money where our mouths are, a few generous souls have committed to matching every dollar donated with TWO of their own.

This is our plan: Over the next eight weeks, we are going to expose the industry's lies, arm people with the truth about nuclear power, and make sure when anyone hears the word "nuclear," they know it is one of the most poisonous, dangerous, and polluting technologies on the planet.

And more than anything, we need you to invite your friends. We will be launching petitions and mobilizing the public to send the message to the next President and every state governor. We urge you both to participate and to pass the word on to your friends. There will be recordings, videos, and interactive webpages you can share. Even crazy old-school things, like fact sheets and infographics. To start things off, here is our briefing paper: Nuclear Energy is Dirty Energy.

For the next eight weeks, we are going to get out the true story of nuclear power -- and prevent another $100 billion nuclear bailout. From the very start through to virtually eternity, and at every step along its poison path, nuclear energy poisons communities, endangers our health, and devastates the environment. We need to put all of our energy dollars to work for th not propping up the dirty energy status quo!

And of course, there will be actions. Because that is what we do. Translate education into action. Information into mobilization. Awareness into change.

Join the campaign. Invite your friends. Pay it forward. Widen the circle. Change the world.  

March 14, 2016

Tim Judson
Executive Director
Nuclear Information and Resource Service


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